Birchwood Bobcat Riders

logo-birchwood-bobcatsThe Birchwood Bobcat Riders is the result of merging the local snowmobile and ATV clubs together for a common cause. We are dedicated to keeping the two sports alive at all levels by creating a favorable public image, by educating the public and members (new and young riders), and by being involved with the politics at the local, county and State levels.

Birchwood is located in the southwestern corner of Sawyer County on the Tuscobia Trail, so our club is active in not only Sawyer County but also in Washburn, Barron and Rusk Counties. The Birchwood Bobcat Riders is an organization that is more than an ATV/snowmobile club. Our clubhouse is a gathering place and our club is an educational foundation and a very active living part of the Birchwood community. Our club is a liaison between the respectful riders, the lawmakers, landowners and the outlaws and non-riders.

Join and Volunteer

The Birchwood Bobcat Riders has more than 150 members. Our club members are volunteers who make a continuing effort to build, maintain and keep the trails open. It is only with the help of the club volunteers that the trail systems continue to stay open. There are many opportunities to volunteer; from shoveling dirt to operating heavy equipment to shuffling papers and dealing with the politics of it all. Current club members have a multitude of skills and experiences that they are more than willing to share! 

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Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Birchwood Bobcat Riders
P.O. Box 345
Birchwood, WI 54817

Clubhouse Location:
1118N Sunset Lane
Birchwood, WI 54817

President – Steve Bethke
Vice President – Lon Olson
Treasurer – Shelly Hendrickson
Secretary – Lisa Longacre

Bob Longacre
Tim Lee
Bob Ellerbruch
Nancy Webster
Brian Schmuggerow
Tom Larson

Trail Captain:
Mike Robotka

Please support the businesses that support our club.
*Map # corresponds to the number on the Sawyer County Snowmobile & ATV Alliance map.

Name Address City Phone# Bar Dining Gas Lodging Sales/Rental Repair Supplies Trail Passes Map#* Trail#
Bair’s Edgewater Store 3040  N Co. F Edgewater 715-354-7311 X X X 187 27
Bear Paw Resort 2220 Ol Hayes Rd. Birchwood 715-354-3538 X X 84
Bear Tracks Bar & Grill 114 S Main St. Birchwood 715-354-7888 X X 94 10
Bear Trap Inn 2690 26-30 3/4 Ave Mikana 715-651-0029 X 132
Birchwood American Legion 504 N Stony Hill Rd Birchwood 715-354-7877 X 91 31
Birchwood Motel 161 E Hwy 48 Birchwood 715-354-7600 X 95 10
Cedar Lake Grill 2670 Hwy 48 Mikana 715-254-9951 X 130
Cheers Bar & Grill 2855 29th Ave. Birchwood 715-354-3505 X X X 139 Birchwood
Chit Chat Bar, Grill & Resort 15578 W Co Dd Edgewater 715-354-3094 X X X 76 27
Ed’s Pit Stop 701 Hwy 48 Birchwood 715-354-7991 X X X 99 10
Full Throttle Sports 2098 18 3/4 St Rice Lake 715-736-9494 X X X 142 Rice Lake
Lincolnwood Resort N 1075 Eastside Rd. Birchwood 715-354-3533 X X X X X 82 28
Long Lake Bait, Tackle & C-Store W 2477 Co. B Sarona 715-635-3260 X X X 176 140
My Last Resort  2701 Hwy 48 Mikana 715-651-7345 X X 137
Patko’ s Stone Lake Pub 5796N Hwy 70 Stone Lake 715-865-2141 X X 73 3 & 27
Paul’s Pizza Den 204 S Wilson St. Birchwood 715-354-7058 X X 175 10
Pine Ridge Lodge 16618 W Sissabagama Rd. Stone Lake 715-865-2796 X X 118 31 & 14
Prop’s Sports Bar & Grill N1262 Co M-D Sarona 715-354-3515 X X X 83 28 & 34
Red Cedar Country Store 2671 Hwy 48 Mikana 715-234-3040 X X 133 34
Red Rock Campground & Pub W16189 Breakneck Rd. Birchwood 715-828-2485 X X X 135
Seasonal Power Toys Bait & Tackle 16878W Hwy 48 Birchwood 715-354-3886 X X X X 107 10
Spider Lake Saloon N2586 Spider Lake Trail Birchwood 715-354-3723 X X 77 26
Sportsman’s Lodge Bar & Grill 1311 N Sunset Beach Dr. Birchwood 715-354-3730 X X X 80 3 & 27
The Rockford House W2652 Rockford Rd. Sarona 715-635-3156 X X 127 28
The Roost W3747 Co. B Sarona 715-635-8921 X X 177 Sarona
Thomas Marine 122 E Elm St. Birchwood 715-354-7070 X X 90 Cty F
Tractor Central 1528 20 1/2 St. Cameron 715-234-4240 X X 147 Cameron
Wagon Wheel 2756 23 1/2 St. Brill 715-234-1823 X 132 10