sawyer-county-wi-3The Sawyer County Snowmobile Alliance consists of a combination of 10 snowmobile and ATV clubs. All of our Snowmobile Clubs have 100% membership in the AWSC. Everything that we do is made possible by these members. Please support our clubs by visiting business members establishments. We also encourage everyone who enjoys these sports to join a club.

Birchwood Bobcat Riders

Loretta Trailblazers

Musky, Sno & ATV Country

North Country Riders ATV Club

Northwest Relic Riders Vintage Snowmobile Club

Radisson/Exeland ATV Club

Sawyer County Youth Snowmobile Club

Sno-Mads Snowmobile Club

Sno-Trails Snowmobile Club

Winter Huskies Snowmobile Club

4 Wheel Warriors ATV Club