Which Club Should I Join?

With three ATV clubs, four snowmobile clubs, and three combined snowmobile/ATV clubs, one is sure to fit your needs. Consider joining a club in the area of Sawyer County where you normally ride.

  • Northwest: Hayward, Nelson Lake, Seeley/Cable, Tiger Cat Flowage, Round Lake
  • Northeast: Spider Lake, Lost Land Lake, Teal Lake, Clam Lake, Moose Lake
  • Central: Stone Lake, New Post, Lac Courte Oreilles, Grindstone, Chippewa Flowage
  • Eastern: Winter, Loretta, Draper, Oxbo, Flambeau River State Forest, Connor Lake, East Chippewa River, Blaisdell Lake
  • Southwest: Birchwood, Couderay, Radisson, Exeland, Ojibwa

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Members of the Alliance

ATV Clubs:

Snowmobile Clubs:

Combination ATV & Snowmobile Clubs:


The colored regions below show the approximate areas of the snowmobile clubs. ATV clubs are shown near their trail locations. Click on the club name to go to that club’s page.